AngKaSa introduced on / バリ島旅行.comで紹介されました!

We are pleased to announce that, which arranges wide range of optional tour in Bali, introduced our restaurant on their official site. We really thanks for their effort for this.

バリ島における各種オプショナルツアーの手配を手掛ける「バリ島旅行.com」さんの公式サイトにて、当店和るん あんかさをご紹介頂きました。料理だけでなく、内装などにもフォーカスして頂き、とても魅力的な紹介記事となっております。是非ご覧ください。


BUKA magazine introduced AngKaSa’s lunch set / 「BUKA」のブログでランチセットを紹介頂きました!

We are pleased to announce that BUKA magazine, which spreads Bali travel information, introduced our new lunch set. with many attractive photos. We really thanks to BUKA.

バリ島旅行の旬の情報を在住ライターが日夜発信している情報誌「BUKA」(フリーペーパー & WEBサイト)のブログにおきまして、先月末にスタートしたばかりの当店の新ランチセットをご紹介頂きました。魅力的な紹介記事に何枚もの写真も添えて発信して下さっています。BUKA様、ありがとうございました!

ウブドの「和るん あんかさ」ランチセットがスタート!

TRIPPING! introduced AngKaSa / TRIPPING!にて特集頂きました!

We are pleased to announce that Japanese portal web site “TRIPPING!”, which spreads south-east Asian travel and local information, introduced our restaurant on their web.



New Lunch Sets are on Sale / 新ランチセット、スタート!

We are pleased to announce that AngKaSa has just started new lunch sets since 25th/June.

In addition to previous main dishes, guests can enjoy our new main dishes such as “Healthy Salad Udon”, “Natto Kimchi Udon”, “Pork Shabu-shabu Salad” and “Fried Chicken with Yurinchi  sauce” with valuable side dishes.

Until 8th/July, we’re going to provide this with promotion price. Lunch sets are sold from 11:00am till 17:00pm.

この度、和るん あんかさでは新ランチセットの販売をスタートいたしました。



Healthy New Menus are on sale / ヘルシー新メニュー、販売スタート!

We are pleased to announce that we’ve started to serve new food menu.

In this food renovation, we’ve put high priority on “healthy”. To achieve it, Avocado. Natto, Tofu, Tuna and Green Leafs (Salad) are used so much, so you may enjoy healthy meals here.

Now our new menus are on sale with promotion price. It will continue until 24th/June. Why don’t you try them during this opportunity?

Best regards.

この度、和るん あんかさでは新メニューの販売をスタートいたしました。



Temporary Close on 12th, June / 6月12日、臨時休業のお知らせ

Thank you very much for your continuous support.
We close our restaurant temporarily on 12th, June for kitchen renovation.
From 13th, we open AngKaSa as usual with smiling staff.


AngKaSa appeared in ”Arukikata” / 「地球の歩き方」に掲載されました!

We are pleased to announce that our restaurant was published in “Chikyu no Arukikata”, one of the most famous travel guidebook in Japan.

Although many travelers use the internet to find travel information, this guidebook has been loved in Japanese tourists, especially backpackers, for pretty long time.

We hope that more and more travelers try to open this best-loved guidebook and make their travel more wonderful and unique.

■「Chikyu no Arukikata」(Bali ver.)

この度、2017-18年版の「地球の歩き方 バリ島」(ダイヤモンド社)に、当店「和るん あんかさ」の紹介記事を掲載して頂くことができました。





AngKaSa 20th Anniversary Party / 「あんかさ20周年謝恩会」開催します!

We are pleased to announce that we are going to have 20th anniversary party for our precious customers (friends) on 24th June, 2017.

●AngKaSa 20th Anniversary Party

Date: 24th (Sat), June, 2017

Doors Open:18:00
Party Starts:19:00
Party Ends:21:30 (Scheduled)

Place:Japanese Diner “AngKaSa”

Details would be updated on this web site and our Facebook.
We are really looking forward to seeing you at the party. Come and see renovated AngKaSa.




場所:和るん あんかさ @ウブド

ひとまず、6月24日、皆さまとお会いできるのをスタッフ一同楽しみにしています! 生まれ変わったあんかさを是非見に来てください!